Katerina Omelchuk




Katerina Omelchuk was born 1982 in Kiev, where she finished National Academy of Fine Arts with Master‘s Degree (2006). In 2008 she became a member of National Union of Ukrainian artists. Since 2009 — to date she is a freelance painter. Now she lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Since the day of her first personal exhibition in 1999 she has participated in more than 120 exhibitions in various countries.

Major exhibitions for the past 3 years:
2015 — «25. Art Fair», Women’s Museum, Bonn, Germany.
2015 — «HanseArt Kunstmesse», Musik- und Kongresshalle, Lubeck, Germany.
2014 — Festival in Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre, Japan.
2014 — «Art Binningen», Basel, Switzerland.
2012 — 2013 — «Berliner Liste», MUMA, Berlin, Germany.

Katerina, like a true artist, is always in search of new ideas and new creative plans. The catalogue contains pictures from the last series of the artist with the title «Forest. Time. Infinity», in which the artist studies the state of nature in certain, conceived time. The artist develops the idea of gaining inner freedom and the meaning of life, in particular through the symbolism of historical images and interpretations, in which natural environment plays an important role and interacts with the surrounding modern world, thus this theme reflects the deep social problems of our time.