Kenryo Hara




Kenryo was born on August 15th, 1955. Every January since 2001 Kenryo has been entering the large calligraphy pieces (about 8f x 18f) into the Kodaimoji exhibition at The Ueno Royal Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.

2004 — 35th KIKKO-TEN Exhibit: Kenryo’s piece entitled «Mannen-Mukyo» was shown and awarded the «Director of The Ueno Royal Museum award».
2004 — Kenryo held his first own exhibit and performance at the MARUHEI gallery in Mishima city of the Shizuoka prefecture.

The roots of the Japanese characters «Kanji» are from ancient China. It has been said that ancient people inquired the will of the Gods, they would use «kanji» to compose their reply. To embrace «Kodaimoji (the ancient character)» as a creative practice is to know and understand how the ancient people lived. It goes without saying, that I have adopted the life force of human being as my primary theme for my «Kodaimoji».