Laetitia Hildebrand




Born in 1982, lives and works in Berlin.

Laetitia Hildebrand, graduated of ENSAD-Paris Art school in 2007, lives and works in Berlin since 2009 as illustrator/graphic designer. The Franco-German artist was resident during 2 weeks in February 2015 at the gallery «Friches & Nous, la Paix» in Paris. Laetitia did an indoor and outdoor exhibition. Since almost 6 years, she shows in her urban sketches the architecturel contrasts of Berlin. This city exposes both the stigma of its painful history and the signs of its evolution. There is often no man’s land, which are spaces of freedom open to the street art.

Laetitia is interested in rythm, movement and structure. Mobility, interactivity and communication characterize our present society. Her drawings are based on spontaneous and nervous lines, sometimes rebellious, wich are shaping harmonious compositions. The last works of the artist was a wall painting project in a Berlin underground club and a live painting for the Summerparty of «Berlin Partners» in the «Neue Heimat». Her last exhibition (18.09) was in «Panke» (Berlin — Wedding) for «The Block #6» with engravings, urbans sketches and silkscreens.

Moreover, she offers some products of her brand «Laeti-Berlin» (created in 2013) with urban sketches of Berlin as well as a clothing line. She prints her illustrations and designs on organic textiles.