Rita Kashap




Alpha Leaders (Alphatiere)

«Never, never, never give up» Winston Churchill

Alpha leaders fascinate. A vision, pioneering spirit, a strong will and activity until burn-out; success and power stand for the image of the leader and eternal winner. Also the other side of the hero’s story touches our imagination: Downfall, disempowerment, banishment from Olympus, self-examination, restart.

The alpha leader epitomizes victory and defeat. The subject is deeply self-related and an expression of one’s own existential fears, stemming from a break in my life-line and the quest for a new balance.

A number of works, created between 2009 and today, draws on the alpha letter and symbols from mythology. Alpha, deduced from the Hebrew first letter «aleph», stands for the beginning and the number 1. One may interpret it as the singular and the unity, the all-comprising point.

In its appearance alpha is the abstracted rendering of a bull’s head with two horns, practically the insignia of force and tenacity, fecundity, aspiration and creativity. The first ones, the ones standing in front, I don’t see as heroes, rather as vulnerable narcissist mavericks: powerful, breakable, dissonant.

The large-format ink drawings on paper which were done first, find their counterparts in those on rough looking canvas, conveying the primal and the perennial topicality of the subject, like an painting applied to a rock, made to last forever and ever.

I take a heart from working on this subject and a positive awareness of life, and I want to pass on the message «stand up, don’t give up» to the beholder of my images.