Evelyne Frostl




Born in 1966 in Vienna. Dr. in. phil. Lives in Hamburg and St. Pölten. Master’s certificate in the profession of painter, Dipl. in adult education. Studied theater, film and media studies at the University of Vienna. First encounters with the art of Prof. Franz Kaulfersch. Main theme of the work is the play with perception and emotions. Recommanded Artist of Frida Kahlo Foundation, Toulouse-Lautrec Foundation, Member of MontmARTroise de Hambourg. Art purchases nationally and internationally by private collectors and public institutions. Art workshops and lectures.

Permanent exhibitions:
2012 A town is gallery, Herzogenburg, Lower Austria
2007 — 2009 Sparkasse NÖ Mitte West, Store St.Pölten, Viehofen

Group exhibitions:
2015 Art Award: Emerald Duc de Richelieu / Odessa
2015 Hamburg shows art. Fischauktionshalle, Hamburg
2015 German-Turkish Music Academy, Berlin
2015 Austrian Cultural Center, Palais Palffy, Vienna
2011 Oskar Kokoschka home
2010 City Museum St. Pölten (also curator) «Prandtauers heirs»