Nadiia Mykhailytska




Nadiia was born in 1975 in Kiev, Ukraine. She works in techniques of an etching, lithograph, linocut and mixed technics. Since 2006 she is a member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine. Since 2000 a participant of Ukrainian and international exhibitions.

1997 — 2003 — studied at the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Graphic faculty, Kiev. Head of the studio was professor A. V. Chebykin.
2003 — part time assistant of Drawing for National Academy of the Fine Arts and Architecture, Kiev.
2004 and 2006 — the winner of a drawing competition by George Jakutovich.
2007 — received a grant of the President of Ukraine to young artists in a field of fine arts.

Exhibitions (selective)
2004 — Christmas exhibition, the House of the Artist, Kiev, Ukraine
2004 — personal exhibition in «Irena» gallery, Kiev, Ukraine
2005 — exhibition of the Ukrainian Graphic, Krakow, Poland
2006 — exhibition «A. V. Chebykin and its pupils», Kiev, Budapest, Hungary