Marina Bogdan




When I as a child I, just like any other child, perceived the world through pencil strokes, paints, and the drawing plane. I am very grateful to my first teachers, parents, and friends who took notice of that, encouraged and supported me.

Nonetheless, my first life choice had nothing to do with art. I received a degree in IT and yet I am sure I benefited from that education as an artist. I always had the urge for creating. Life could be rough sometimes but art has always been by secret magic garden. I studied academic drawing and painting in different cities where I lived — Moscow, St Petersburg, Riga. One day I met my Teacher, Irina Pogrebitskaya, an artist who helped me find my own style in painting, gave me a cue, and taught how to transfer to canvas what I have in my soul.

In 2015, my first solo exhibition took place in Riga.